Eye Spy magazine's 500 Spy sites of london





  • Eye Spy will soon release publication details of its five year research programme into the London locations associated with the rich history of British Intelligence. Since the magazine’s earlier publication - The Insider’s Travel Guide to 150 Spy Sites in London, our research team has amassed an astonishing 500 locations, many previously unknown or generally not linked with the world of espionage and intelligence.    

  • The new book features:

  •     · Sites which have been identified and provided for by former intelligence officers and associates

  •     · New material and stories associated with a number of known and unknown spy sites

  •     · MI6 safe houses

  •     · Secret underground tunnels

  •     · Torture chambers

  •     · Celebrity spies


Eye Spy has interviewed a number of people, including agents, who have provided fascinating details on sites previously not linked to intelligence or added substance to those that are known - including one which had a secret entrance used by MI5 and MI6 officers and their girlfriends and wives. These are the clubs, pubs, drinking dens, hotels, alleyways used for training and sites where spies relaxed, operated, planned and recruited.

Like 150 Spy Sites, Eye Spy candidly charts the origins of British Intelligence and its three main services. However, we also focus on several organisations with deep links to intelligence, such as the immensely important wartime British Security Coordination, the Political Warfare Executive, disinformation and propaganda ministries, SOE and post-Cold War facilities. Several locations associated with these organisations have remained elusive for decades - yet sifting through historical archive material, we have managed to identify them. One former headquarters, once used as a base to mislead, confuse and misinform, is now the embassy of a leading Middle East nation; another - nearly 100 years later - is still used by government.

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500 Spy Sites of London and includes a plethora of photographs and much more

Though the buildings are important, we of course focus on the officers and agencies which occupied them. And it is here that Eye Spy has discovered new information that has never emerged, including the residence of an important Russian spy who operated in Britain. Her death and burial was publicised as being in Moscow. This is most strange, for we discovered she passed away in a London hospital and lived in a street occupied by several famous MI6 and MI5 agents. The suggestion here of course -she was almost certainly a double agent controlled by MI6.

Scores of locations have been unearthed that were once legendary and have been mentioned in books - though by necessity were never properly identified or referenced by authors - others forgotten through the passage of time - including many linked with famous spy cases. These have now been carefully identified and espionage and intelligence connoisseurs will be able to revisit them.

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Mark Birdsall